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    • Trick-or-Treating The yearly celebration for Halloween is just around the corner. All oppressed mobs and minions in Nexus can scarcely wait to be bold and elated; it’s their only chance to “fight back”. But we are not just sitting back and do... more>>
    • Hello all CoS players, Let’s talk about the Lord today. He is really the noble lineage among all those Orange Mercenaries. Wriggling with the snake-like “leg”, the one-eyed green skin Aetherlord looks pretty scary even when he is quite clam. The entwined... more>>
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      US Servers to be Merged!

      Hey our US fans, We have now taken the next step in our ongoing server consolidation process. The US server mergence has been discussed on the forum for months, and finally the time has come: When: Tuesday, October 21st 2014, 22:30:00, PDT ... more>>
    • Dear all CoS players, We just updated a new patch to both US and EU servers, be sure to take a look at what's inside: Additions: •    Added Pet Collection to the Collection system, players who have sufficient Pets will be able to get... more>>
    • The death and subsequent rebirth of City of Steam has been an odd thing to watch, but you'll soon be able to actively participate instead of just watching. City of Steam: Arkadia is launching on December 4th, just a little more than a week from today, enough time that you ... more>>
    • Mark your calendars. City of Steam: Arkadia (CoS) will officially relaunch next week with new content and additional features following its departure from publisher R2Games. The new version will include new mercenaries, alchemy, and fishing features along with improved gam... more>>
    • Mechanist Games will be taking actions to "restore faith" by those affected from City of Steam's impending shutdown and rebirth as City of Steam: Arkadia. The studio announced three initiatives to draw back players. First, it will be recharging alpha and beta... more>>
    • City of Steam's servers are set to shut down Nov. 22, but the developers at Mechanist Games plan to relaunch the game next month as City of Steam: Arkadia. The City of Steam servers on publisher Reality Squared Games' site will spin down because of "a chronic lack ... more>>
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      Independence Day Promotion

      Hello all, Another time to honor history. We just embraced the Independence Day, one of the most important holidays in Northern America. As a small independent studio that dedicated one project for years, we believe in the spirit of independence. Time to... more>>
    • Time to Pay a Salute to the History If you are an old CoS player or have the RPG source books that depict this Steampunk world, time to brush up the grand histories: Grand Republic of Avenoss, The Holy Kingdom of Ostenia, The Empire of Stoigm... more>>
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      Mothers Day Special Promotion

      Mothers’ Day is approaching Remember last time when you had a heart-to-heart with your Mom? For us developers, lots of our time has been invested on game development, improvement… and taking in caffeine. When another Mother’s Day arrives, we... more>>
    • How time flies! Now it’s time to ring out 2013 and welcome in 2014. To celebrate the first Christmas in Arkadia, we started doing some special events/promotions on Christmas Day. Santa Toiler now needs a holiday! While dressing up like Santa is something Me... more>>