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    Version 2.5 Patch Notes Up!

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    Hello community,

    Welcome to version 2.5, a major update we've just launched.In the new build, we added some new Promo Box, new content and a lot of improvements (events, UI, etc) as well. The list is a bit long:


    •    Added tutorial quest for daily quests prepared for Subscribers;
    •    Added tutorial quest when Talent unlocks at level 4;
    •    Added Catalyst Promo Box to Special tab of Electrum Shop, off shelf in some certain of days;
    •    Added Earth Scorcher, Bolts Walker and Desolation Mover to the Electrum Shop.


    •    Tweaked Subscription interface;
    •    Tweaked Friends system;
    •    Tweaked Company system;
    •    Optimized quest tracking system;
    •    Greatly increased item quantity in Mystery Shop for high-level players;
    •    Tweaked Tourney of Fate, Deathmatch of Fate and PvP to make them reasonably fair, now system will wipe existing stats and provide new one one after players enter into these events ;
    •    Now PvP, Monster Lair, Boss Gauntlet, Paragon Dungeons go to Events button or start from NPC in Arkadia;
    •    Characters can recover right from where they died in Rift Weaver (no forced quit);
    •    Characters can recover right from where they died in Copperwaste (no forced quit);
    •    Added new Challenges and Heroic Dungeons for levels 50-60;
    •    Reduced Mob quantity in Hoard;
    •    Increased dropped quantity of Hoard Mercenary Exp Crystal and Mercenary Keepsakes;
    •    Added new team-up Boss Raid;
    •    Changed character facing direction when entering into the PvP map;
    •    Optimized loading of some maps;
    •    Changed AI of Rift Weaver boss and increased its damage;
    •    Now event countdown changed from 1 hour to 5 minutes;
    •    Increased HP of level 50+ Rift Weaver boss;
    •    Now refreshing Mystery Shop has a confirmation message;
    •    Now Heroic Challenges have Rating function;
    •    Changed quest completion of Copperwaste;
    •    Now some mobs have block AI;
    •    7-day Login button will be hidden after all rewards claimed;
    •    Changed Egg movement in Gold Smasher;
    •    Tweaked match-up rules of PvP, more players can be included now;
    •    Unlock level for Market raised to 15;
    •    Removed Gift function of the Electrum Shop to avoid possible fraud (sorry);
    •    Changed overall font for this game;
    •    Don’t need to reopen backpack after sale cancelling (it will unlock automatically);
    •    Increased HP and damage of Boss in Copperwaste;
    •    Optimized minimap interface;
    •    Disabled auto-path after dungeon objective completes.


    •    Fixed a bug where multiple icons appeared while no damage made;
    •    Fixed a bug where characters could not ride Vehicles outside of the central zone of Gold Smash;
    •    Fixed a bug where Slayer weapons did not show right stats;
    •    Fixed a bug where Power might not display after level 50;
    •    Fixed a bug where description of Cargo Delivery interface was incorrect;
    •    Fixed a bug where Metal Panic could not be turned in.