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    City of Steam: Arkadia Launch Date Confirmed!

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    Arkadia Launch Date, 4th Dec.!

    DISCLAIMER: The information you are about to read may blow your pressure gauge, rupture your boilers, and steam your punk... (too far?) Please take the necessary precaution of wearing goggles before reading.

    The official release date is December 4th, 9:00PM EST.

    Sound the steam trumpets! That’s early next month—that’s next week—that’s amazing! Keep reading to find out some steam-tacular details!

    CoS: Arkadia will bring in a slew of new features such as Mercenaries, Alchemy, Fishing, etc, along with redesigned dungeons and improved gameplay. We do think it has a good chance to reach a wider player demographic than before and satisfy the appetites of our loyal fans.

    Thanks for all the input on the forums and in-game on the Chinese servers. We heard you! (nice game guide btw :P). Please don’t get the idea that the English version will be the same. It won’t. There are some important changes and differences you will notice right off-the-bat.

    Heads up! For players who received our confirmation regarding compensation packs, stay active, codes will go out within this week. If you are an early supporter who purchased alpha/beta packs, there’s nothing extra required, just check “already-recharged” Electrum after 2.0 is up. And remember, there will be free giveaway campaigns as well, we’ll announce a list of mainstream gaming sites when everything is ready to go, get yourself prepared!

    Be sure to keep your eye on www.cityofsteam.com for more updates.

                                                                                                        City of Steam: Arkadia Dev Team